sábado, março 19, 2005

kd Setlist


decepção q new song é punk soudn eaiuheaiuhaeae

soundcheck: The Kids Are Alright, Porch, New Song, Crazy Mary, Daughter, Parting Ways (x2)

setlist: The Kids Are Alright (Ed and Stone), Porch, Save You, Given to Fly, 1/2 Full, New Song, Daughter, Happy Birthday (to Jeff), Crazy Mary

encore: Parting Ways, All Along the Watchtower (with everyone)

notes: The soundcheck is currently unconfirmed. The new song played during the show is fast and punk-sounding. Happy Birthday is sung to Jeff at one point - his actual birthday was on March 10th. The shows ends with a collective effort of All Along the Watchtower with PUSA (Presidents of the United States of America) and others.

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